Senator Espero Talks About Gun Buy-Back Program

The issue of gun control continues to be debated at the national, state, and city level. With the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Newton, Connecticut, gun violence has been thrust into the forefront of many discussions across the country, including here in Hawaii.

Senator Will Espero, who introduced a measure to curb gun violence through the creation of a gun buy-back program, discusses the bill, Senate Bill 69, Relating to Firearms. According to the bill, a gun buy-back program decreases the availability of guns in the community by providing cash incentives to gun possessors to forfeit their firearms. In December, a gun buy-back program in Los Angeles netted 2,037 firearms in a single day. The measure was heard yesterday by the Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs, which Espero serves as chair.

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