Senator Will Espero to Introduce Booting Regulation Legislation

In light of what is currently occurring in the local “Booting” industry, Senator Will Espero will introduce legislation next session to regulate and allow booting.  If passed, the legislation will allow booting of vehicles once strict rules are adopted by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs following public comments. Currently, Senate Bill 1214, to ban booting, is before the Governor, and a state Office of Consumer Protection lawsuit is also being heard in the courts to stop current booting.

Senator Espero believes booting can be less expensive and more convenient for drivers versus being towed and having the added expense and time involved.

I have no problem placing a cap on the amount a person can be charged after being booted,” said Senator Espero, who represents District 19 (‘Ewa Beach, Ocean Pointe, ‘Ewa by Gentry, Iroquois Point, portion of ‘Ewa Villages). “The idea of being booted and towed should also be discussed and possibly banned since this would be a double hit on a driver.”

Elements of legislation that Senator Espero supports that should be included in the regulation of the booting industry include:

  • The placement of clear proper signage for drivers indicating circumstances for booting
  • Machines/Equipment with written receipt capability for proof of parking payment
  • Cap on any towing if needed
  • 24 hour access to vehicle
  • Formal complaint/challenge process
  • A cap of $25-$50 for unlocking a boot.