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Hawaii State Senate Confirms its First Board of Education Members

Senators congratulate the newly confirmed Board of Education members after they unanimously voted to confirm them.

HONOLULU- The State Senate today confirmed Hawaii’s first appointed Board of Education. The members were appointed by Governor Neil Abercrombie with the advise and consent of the Senate.

Act 5, which was signed into law by the governor on March 14, 2011, gives the governor the authority to appoint nine members, which would consist of: one member from the county of Hawaii, one member from the county of Maui, one member from the county of Kauai, 3 members from the city and county of Honolulu, and three at-large-members; provided that the governor select an at-large member as the chairperson.

“While each of the appointees are impressive in their own right and have talked about their vision and tangible plans for building upon our successes and making our school communities even better, I believe their real strength will lie in their ability to work together as a cohesive and committed group focused on bringing about real change,” said Jill Tokuda, chair of the committee.

“Sitting through the seven hours of confirmation hearings was like watching the pieces of a puzzle come together-and in the end, I believe everyone who witnessed the events walked away excited and hopeful, with a clear picture of what this board envisioned for the future,” said Tokuda

The appointees are:

Don Horner, chief executive officer and chairman of First Hawaiian Bank. Governor Abercrombie chose Horner to serve on the elected BOE to fill a vacancy on Feb. 9, and has designated him to serve as chair of the BOE.

Brian De Lima, attorney and former Hawaii County Council Member

Wesley Lo, chief executive officer at Maui Memorial Medical Center.

Kim Gennaula, philanthropy director at the Kapiolani Health Foundation

Jim Williams, administrator and CEO of the Hawaii Employer-Union Benefits Trust Fund (retired)

Nancy Budd, attorney and a member of the Kauai Planning and Action Alliance Public Education Action Team

Charlene Cuaresma, associate director of the UH Manoa Graduate Professional Access Program

Cheryl Kauhane Lupenui, former chief executive officer of the YWCA on Oahu

Keith Amemiya, executive administrator and secretary of the Board of Regents

The board, which is composed of all volunteers, has set their first meeting on April 26, 2011.

Transcript 01/07/2011-Twitter Town Hall on Appointed Board of Education Legislation

On Friday January 07, 2011, Senate Education Chair, Jill Tokuda, held a Twitter Town Hall, regarding the appointed Board of Education (BOE) Legislation. This event was created to pilot the use of social media as a tool to engage the public in the policy making process.

A transcript of this event is included below. This transcript was retrieved from Senator Tokuda’s Twitter feed (@jilltokuda) and follows in descending chronological order, from the Senator’s opening to closing statements. During the event, participants’ questions were ReTweeted (RTed), also referred to as reposted, by the Senator, followed by her answer.

For ease of following the discussion, it was decided that “Q:” would be used to denote when the Senator RTed a question and “A:” would be used to denote when she answered a question (thus in the below transcript, Q: @username: followed by a question designates that the Senator is RTing an individual participant’s question. Similarly, @name followed by A: designates that the Senator is answering that individual participant’s question).


Senator Tokuda: Welcome to our Twitter Town Hall on the Appointed BOE! Remember to tweet w/aloha, no putdown or personal attacks. Use the #askjill tag!

Q: @raulcharvette: @jilltokuda how will we hold appointees accountable when we can’t vote them out? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @raulcharvette A: Ultimate accountability comes w/being able to vote out the Governor & Senators doing the appointing & confirming.

Q: @eyeonhawaiigov: Do u feel that the currently elected BOE should be appointed as they were elected by the people? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @eyeonhawaiigov A: I commend them for running, but I feel that the people ultimately voted for the Governor to appoint members.

@eyeonhawaiigov: cont-If these members would like to cont to serve, not out of the question for Governor to appoint if he chooses to

Q: RT @peterkay The con. amendment was to create more BOE accountability. will a screening cmte create more or less accountability? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @peterkay A: Great Q! I feel screening cmte will diffuse accountability, which is why I don’t support one for the BOE process

Q: RT @gilkeithagaran What’s the thinking behind adding a screening cmte for nominees? How well has Bd of Regents process worked? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @gilkeithagaran A: Regent’s RCAC has had issues & if we want to get the best members on BOE, need to do it differently.

Senator Tokuda: Trying to answer at least 1 question per tweeter first, will get back to add’l questions. Mahalo for your patience!

Q: RT @p_dub: any thought to a stipend for BOE appointees? Job comes with a _huge_ workload, should they be compensated? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @p_dub A: I would support covering incidental costs re: to BOE business, similar to how other Boards such as the regents operate.

Q: RT @ryanadverderada: How can the board More easily grasp the concerns of the students if they are so far removes from individual schools?

Senator Tokuda: @ryanadverderada A: I support a voting student member on the BOE & would want us to ensure broad education-related stakeholder rep on BOE.

@ryanadverderada: cont-I also support cont to have community mtgs on each island. Perhaps could personally visit schools while there?

Senator Tokuda: Thanks! RT @fpizarro: Kudos for her Twitter Town Hall on HI’s appointed school board. Good to see public policy discussed via SM. #askjill

Q: RT @raulcharvette: Recent NYC appoint business person to run school system: Your opinion re credentials for BOE appointments? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @raulcharvette A: BOE should have broad stakeholder rep; should also reflect diversity of student population; bring skills & exp to table

Q: RT @eyeonhawaiigov: Can the process include Senate confirmation of appointees? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @eyeonhawaiigov A: Senate would advise & consent as w/other Board nominations.

FYI-RT @pen4rent: RT @jilltokuda @p_dub Should BOE be compensated? Are UH regents compensated? Answers: No and No. #askjill

Q: RT @gilkeithagaran: How big of a BOE? Should Legislature require or limit representation on BOE from each island/each County? #askjill

Senator Tokuda (response to @gilkeithagaran): @jilltokuda A: 11 members incl voting student; 1 per county; 6 at lrg. Allows Gov to appt more than 1 per county.

Senator Tokuda: Thanks for all the RT! Feel free to cont sending in your questions! Apologies to my FB friends for all the status updates!

Q: RT @raulcharvette: concur re ultimate accntblty;Best way to engage gov. & sens in shorter time frame, eg inputs to appointments? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @raulcharvette A: I would hope any Gov would welcome comments/thoughts on potential appts. Senate Hrg also provides input opportunity.

Q: RT @gilkeithagaran: Shld budget from appt BOE come directly to Leg rather than screen thru @NeilAbercrombie’s bean counters? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @gilkeithagaran A: Could make it like UH, that simultaneously sends budget req to Leg & Gov? Has never stopped them from asking directly.

Q: RT @eyeonhawaiigov: Looks like it will be set up just like all the other State Bds & Comm. How this is more acct’ble? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @eyeonhawaiigov A: Gov can remove BOE member w/cause vs. waiting for nxt election.

[Q:] RT @raulcharvette: How will you formally influence BOE priorities; Will there be a transparent document? Public input opportunities? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @raulcharvette A: BOE bound by sunshine laws; has public input process. That should not change

Q: RT @bytemarks: Do you have an idea how soon the Board can be selected? Will it be before the session ends? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @bytemarks A: Ideally if Senate-House-Gov agree, we can fast track legislation; he can appt; we can confirm before session ends.

RT @eyeonhawaiigov: Gov can remove BOE member w/cause vs. waiting for nxt election Q: How do the people force the Gov to do this? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @eyeonhawaiigov A: Many ways advocates have persuaded Gov-petitions, email campaigns, rallies, etc. Communication b/n Gov & people key.

[Q:] RT @heavygem: Thank you very much for your support of the Student BOE member with voting rights on the appointed board! #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @heavygem I have been advocating for student voting rights since I was in HS. Thank you for your advocacy & interest on this impt issue.

Q: RT @gilkeithagaran: Vetoed BOE screen cmt proposal author reportedly vying for House Speaker- have you explored bill language? #askjill

Senator Tokuda: @gilkeithagaran A: Rep Takumi was handed a draft of my bill today. We look forward to engaging House ldrshp in discussion on this measure.

Senator Tokuda: Couple more minutes to take questions or comments. Will gladly continue dialogue on FB & Twitter beyond this town hall!

Senator Tokuda: Mahalo to everyone who participated & watched all the feeds! Great comments & questions. Hope we can continue to discuss important issues!

Twitter Town Hall: Mahalo from Senator Tokuda

What is a Twitter Town Hall?

A “Twitter Town Hall”, sometimes referred to as a “Twitterview”, utilizes Twitter, a popular micro blogging platform, to produce an informal virtual public town hall. Just like a traditional town hall, a Twitter Town Hall provides an informal public meeting space for citizens to voice their opinions, ask questions, and engage in open dialogue with their community government official(s). In this type of town hall both the constituent and government official are limited to short form questions and answers, currently restricted to 140 characters or less.

Senate Education Chair to Hold a Twitter Town Hall on Appointed Board of Education Legislation

Senate Education Chair to Pilot Use of Social Media to Engage Public in Policy Making

Honolulu- On Friday, January 07, 2011, Senate Education Committee Chairperson Jill Tokuda (Kaneohe, Kailua & Enchanted Lake) will host a Twitter Town Hall, where she will take questions and comments regarding the upcoming implementation legislation for the appointed Board of Education utilizing this 140-character “micro-blog”. Participants can tweet their questions and comments, and receive live answers via the Senator’s Twitter account @jilltokuda and can view the Senator’s replies by following the #askjill hashtag.

WHEN: Friday January 7, 2011
WHERE: http://twitter.com/; Username:@jilltokuda; Hashtag: #askjill

A Twitter Town Hall, sometimes referred to as a Twitterview, utilizes Twitter, a popular micro blogging platform, to produce an informal virtual public town hall. Friday’s Twitter event will pilot the use of Social Media to engage the public in the policy making process.

Voters in the 2010 General Election approved a constitutional amendment calling for an appointed, rather than elected, Board of Education. The implementing legislation will specify how the Board will be appointed by the governor.

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