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Governor Signs Bill to Establish a Honouliuli Park Site Advisory Group

(Senator Will Espero and Senator Carol Fukunaga join Governor Neil Abercrombie for the signing of Senate Bill 2678 into law.)

Honolulu- Today Governor Neil Abercrombie signed Senate Bill (SB) 2678, Relating to Honouliuli, into law. The measure requires the Department of Land and Natural Resources to establish a Honouliuli park site advisory group to develop recommendations to leverage county, state, federal, and private funding for an educational resource center at the Honouliuli site.

Honouliuli serves as an a important backdrop of key World War II sites, including as the base of Operation Forager, as well as one of Hawaii’s five internment camps for Japanese Americans pursuant to Executive Order (EO) 9066, issued by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. A starker part of our Nation’s history, Honouliuli stands as a reminder of a time when fear and prejudice overrode the civil rights for which America is known.

The purpose of this SB 2678 is threefold, to provide state support towards the preservation of the site of the World War II internment and prisoner of war camp in Honouliuli; establish a mechanism to leverage county, state, federal, and private funding of an educational resource center at the site; and memorialize the struggle for civil rights by Hawaii’s people. Through establishing a multilevel advisory group, this measure seeks to ensure that actions like EO 9066 never happen again.

The signing of this bill will help to ensure that what happened at Honouliuli will not be forgotten,” said Senator Will Espero, who introduced the bill. “Let us learn from our past and continue to educate our children so that such an event never happens again.”

Until recently, little was known about the location of World War II Japanese internment camps in Hawaii, and many people were unaware that any internment camp sites remained in the State,” said Senator Carol Fukunaga, who helped introduce the bill. “It incumbent upon the State of Hawaii to take an active role in supporting the collection, preservation, and organization of educational resources that will help bring the history of Hawaii’s wartime experience to life for residents and visitors.”

Governor Signs Measures to Encourage Economic Development and Innovation

(Senators Carol Fukunaga and David Ige join the Governor Abercrombie for the signing of House Bill 2319 into law.)

Honolulu- On June 27, 2012 Governor Neil Abercrombie signed into law bills aimed at promoting economic and high technology development in the State. Among the measures enacted include House Bill (HB) 2319, Relating to Economic Development, and HB 2873, Relating to The Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES).

HB 2319 establishes a $2 million dollar venture accelerator funding program under the Hawai’i Strategic Development Corporation (HSDC) to assist the State’s technology start-ups compete for investment capital. The program will assist in the growth of technology businesses in the State, including areas such as information technology, aerospace, science, renewable energy, engineering, and film and digital media production.

The creation of the venture accelerator funding program provides an urgently-needed means of supporting emerging high tech businesses in Hawai’i,” said Senate Committee on Economic Development and Technology Chair Carol Fukunaga. “It represents an important phase of HSDC’s transition into a more hands-on, working entity rather than solely for disbursements to venture funds.”

(Carol Fukunaga, David Ige, and Will Espero join Governor Abercrombie for the signing of House Bill 2873 into law.)

Looking ahead into the future of innovation and tourism, HB 2873 transfers the Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) from the University of Hawai’i to the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism’s Office of Aerospace Development, establishes a PISCES board of directors, and appropriates funds. This measure will give PISCES the flexibility necessary to operate effectively within the rapidly-evolving aerospace sector while keeping Hawaii competitive and attractive to space industry partners.

The passage of this measure is vital to our State’s future economic growth and development,” said Senator Fukunaga. “By promoting innovative industries, PISCES can aid in Hawaii’s economic growth through creation of new, sustainable green industries along with high-paying jobs, workforce development, internships, and education programs in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

Area Legislators Sponsor Post-Session Updates and Traffic Safety Meeting

HONOLULU — Makiki/Punchbowl and Ala Moana Senator Carol Fukunaga, along with Representative Karl Rhoads and Councilmember Ann Kobayashi, will hold a community meeting on Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on the 1st floor of the Makiki Christian Church.  The lawmakers have invited guest speakers from City and State transportation agencies to discuss pedestrian safety and neighborhood traffic concerns.

City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services’ (DTS) Director Wayne Y. Yoshioka will be discussing the department’s plans to improve public safety in lower Makiki, Ala Moana-Sheridan and Kaheka.  Legislators will present post-session legislative updates and other important information.

“This year was a very challenging one, with a wide range of bills affecting public schools, plastic bag recycling and enhanced public access through technology.  With our community in mind, we’ve  increased resources for neighborhood schools, health care, kupuna care and taken steps to rebuild safety net programs for the community,” said Senator Carol Fukunaga (District 11- Makiki/Punchbowl, Ala Moana, McCully). “We look forward to having a lively dialogue with residents and business owners on these matters,” added Representatives Rhoads.

The Kanunu/ Kaheka and Piikoi/ South Beretania intersections have been characterized as some of the most hazardous streets in urban Honolulu.  The two areas have been the site of 12 vehicle crashes.   Director Yoshioka will discuss various solutions to improve pedestrian safety.  DOT representatives will also discuss their recommendations on such measures as “Safe Routes to School” (HB 2626, CD1).

“Pedestrian and vehicle safety in our neighborhoods is of the upmost importance,” said Councilmember Kobayashi. “It’s essential that area legislators continue to work with the City and County to find solutions to help create a safe environment for all.”

Ask Your Senator 2012: Thanks for Asking

Eighth grade Social Studies students from Punahou School emailed several questions and issues to Senator Carol Fukunaga as part of  their class assignment, Project Citizen. The assignment asks the  students to identify an issue in their community, research the problem, develop and evaluate alternative solutions, and reach their own solution to the problem in the form of a public policy. Senator Carol Fukunaga (District 11- Makiki/Punchbowl, Ala Moana, McCully) answered the students’ questions.

One class group was interested in the issue of overdevelopment and its impact on Hawaii’s agricultural land and industry. Supporting the original version of Senate Resolution 104, the class asked for Senator Fukunaga’s support and input. In the resolution’s original form, it urged the counties to revise laws to reflect strategic land use practices for main street redevelopment in existing towns that support public transportation in order to accommodate the growing population of the State. As part of her answer, Senator Fukunaga explained how the original intent and concept of a measure can be altered through the legislative process.

To view Senator Fukunaga’s answer click here.

Another class group was interested in helping to solve the problem of coral damage through the prohibition of selling aquatic life for aquarium purposes. The class supported Senate Resolution 2, a measure which requested the Legislature to amend Chapter 188 (Hawaii Revised Statutes) by adding a new section to be appropriately designated to prohibiting the sale of aquatic life for aquarium purposes.  It also requests the Legislature to amend the existing section 188F-4, regarding the West Hawaii regional fishery management area plan, and section 189-11, regarding receipts in management area plan, and section 189-11, regarding receipts in duplicate.  In addition to those requests, the resolution asks the Governor to issue a moratorium on the commercial take and sale of aquatic life taken for aquarium purposes from State waters and the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources.

To view Senator Fukunaga’s answer click here.

Interested in the impact overdevelopment of the North Shore may have on Oahu’s rural areas, small business owners, and Hawaii’s culture, one class group supported Senate Bill (SB) 1444. SB 1444, would have required the Department of Land and Natural Resources to develop a plan for the improvement of the water quality in Lake Wilson.

In working to find ways to resolve the problem, the class provided several creative solutions, including: the creation of educational television and radio commercials addressing the issue and development of collaborative contracts with local North Shore businesses to offer specialty bracelets to help show support.

To view Senator Fukunaga’s answer click here.

Ask Your Senator 2012: Thanks For Asking

Students from Roosevelt High School’s Participation in Democracy class emailed several questions to their State Senators as part of this year’s “Ask Your Senator” project. Questions asked were derived from the students’ participation in the class’s assignment, Project Citizen. The assignment asks students to identify an issue in their community, research the problem, develop and evaluate alternative solutions, and reach their own solution to the problem in the form of a public policy. Together, Senator Suzanne Chun Oakland (District 13-Sand Island, Kalihi, Liliha, Nu’uanu, Pauoa, Pu’unui) and Senator Carol Fukunaga (District 11- Makiki/Punchbowl, Ala Moana, McCully) sat down to answer the students’ questions.

A group of students were interested in pedestrian safety on Nehoa Street, which is near their school. One student asked:

My group and I are currently doing a Project Citizen assignment regarding the crosswalk near our stadium, located on Nehoa St. There are no lights to signal drivers or pedestrians when they should stop or cross. We are thinking of alternate solutions that would catch the driver’s attention to prevent drivers from hitting pedestrians as they cross the street. We would like your support in pushing our policy through. Do you know of any possible solutions that we can create to solve our problem?” -Roosevelt High School Student

To view the Senators’ answers to this question, click here.

A handful of students were interested in the qualification requirements for current decision makers in the Department of Education (DOE). Specifically, one student asked:

We are doing Project Citizen in my Participation in Democracy class. We hope that we may be able to alter the way decisions are made about schools. We have come up with an issue that the decision makers are not highly qualified and do not have classroom experience. Our proposal is that before becoming a decision maker of the DOE, you must achieve an educational degree and gain classroom experience. That way, the members in charge of decisions for the schools are able to decide with knowledge, the appropriate actions to take in ways that would improve and benefit students and teachers for the better. Without experience in the classroom, decision makers are blind in what would be best.

What do you think of our issue and proposal?” -Roosevelt High School Student

To view the Senators’ answers to this question, click here.

One group of students were interested in addressing the increasing dropout rate of high school students in the State of Hawaii, explaining:

There is an issue that we would like to approach for Project Citizen. The number of high school students who are dropping out of school are increasing in the State of Hawaii. We feel this would be an appropriate issue for us to address to help our community get involved more with our high school students. We would like to see more student graduate from high school, so that they have a greater chance in getting into college, hence, better jobs, especially for our local kids. We would like to ask how you feel about this issue and whether or not you agree with that this topic is a big issue in the state of Hawaii.” -Roosevelt High School Student

To view the Senators’ answers to this question, click here.

One group of students were interested in offering vocational classes as electives, explaining:

As the students of Roosevelt High School, we are conducting a research project to prepare our graduates for a better future in collegiate and workforce careers. Our plan is to have more vocational classes offered as electives. We’re proposing classroom work time for the first semester and then going to community colleges/business schools for hands-on experience for the second semester.

We are asking for your support and we would also like your opinions and feedback on our pursuit for this change.” -Roosevelt High School Student

To view the Senators’ answers to this question, click here.

A group of students were interested in reinstating their school’s tradition of the senior patio. One student explained:

Me and my period 6 social studies class are working on Project Citizen. We want to bring back the tradition of the senior patio being exclusively for seniors so that next year the seniors can sit down in their own area and eat their lunch together. They can feel a sense of accomplishment that they earned to sit at the senior patio from their 3 years of hard work. That’s why we want to bring back the tradition. I was wondering if you can support us in reinforcing the tradition of the senior patio, and maybe even give us any suggestions.” -Roosevelt High School Student

To view the Senators’ answers to this question, click here.

Lawmakers Host Town Hall Meeting in Makiki

 WHO:    Senator Carol Fukunaga, District 11, encompassing Makiki, Punchbowl, Ala Moana and McCully

Representative Karl Rhoads, District 28, encompassing Palama, Chinatown, Downtown, Lower Makiki, Sheridan

Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi, District 5, encompassing a portion of Kapahulu and Kaimuki; Palolo Valley, St. Louis Heights, Manoa, Moiliili, Mc Cully, Kakaako, and a portion of Ala Moana and Makiki

WHAT:  Hosting town hall meeting to discuss community concerns and answer questions.  Bryan

Fitzgerald from the State Attorney General’s office will be sharing tips on how to safeguard your personal information and prevent ID theft.

WHEN:  Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 9 a.m.

WHERE: Makiki Christian Church

I hope everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to learn about how they can protect themselves from identity theft,” said Sen. Carol Fukunaga.  “I.D. theft is a serious problem for which Honolulu Police Department and others have urged increased penalties.”

Supporting the Improvement of Arts Education in Our Schools

The Senate Concurrent Resolution 130 working group and members of the community met for a brainstorming session at the Academy Art Center at Linekona on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Those invited to the meeting included members from the Academy Art Center at Linekona, the Department of Education, the Arts education community, the City & County of Honolulu, Neighborhood boards, and neighboring properties.

The working group hoped to gain input on a long range plan for the properties at the Art Center, which serves as an art resource center for teachers, and benefits the surrounding community .

The working group was formed out of Senate Concurrent Resolution 130, SD1, which was passed by the Legislature during this past 2011 Legislative Session. The resolution, sponsored by Senators Brain Taniguchi, Carol Fukunaga, and Suzanne Chun Oakland, requested the Department of Education (DOE) to establish a working group to consider using the buildings adjacent to the Academy Art Center at Linekona on Young Street as an art resource center for teachers.

“Art education provides the potential to foster creativity that exists in each and every one of our children,” said Senator Taniguchi. “This resolution is another example on how we are providing opportunities to strengthen our teachers’ professional training and development, which in turn, improves art education in our schools.”

The Senate Concurrent Resolution 130 working group includes:

Senator Brian Taniguchi (District 10)
Senator Carol Fukunaga (District 11)
Senator Brickwood Galuteria (District 12)
Representative Della Au Belatti (District 25)
Representative Karl Roads (District 27)
Councilmember Tulsi Gabbard (District 6)
Councilmember Ann Kobayashi (District 5)
Vince Hazen, Director (Academy Art Center at Linekona)
Duane Preble, Community Member Representative (Honolulu Academy of Art Trustee)
Charles Kagawa, Facilities Director (Office of School Facilitates and Support Services, DOE)
Katherine Sakuda, Administrator SL II (Curriculum and Instruction Branch, DOE)
Evan Tottori, Resource Teacher (APP-AIR Curriculum and Instruction Branch, DOE)
Bundit Kanisthakhon, Architect (Tadpole Studios)

Senator Espero to Host Ustream Legislative Sit-Down

HONOLULU- On Tuesday, August 30, 2011, Senate Public Safety, Military and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee Chairperson Will Espero (Sen. District 20) will host a Ustream Legislative Sit-Down. The Ustream will begin at noon.

Senator Espero will use this online platform to talk with other State Legislators about the 2011 Legislative Session, find out what they are doing in the interim, and discuss any upcoming plans for next session. Joining Senator Espero for the discussion are Senator Carol Fukunaga (Sen. District 11), Senator Clarence Nishihara (Senate District 18), and Representative Angus McKelvey (House District 10).

“Utilizing this type of interactive broadcasting tool is something that is relatively new to the Legislature,” said Senator Will Espero. “This event will provide a great opportunity to explore engagement with the public utilizing such platforms. I look forward to continuing to host similar events in the future.”

Ustream is a live online interactive broadcast platform. Tomorrow’s event will be streamed live on the Hawaii Senate Majority’s Ustream account. To watch the event, please follow this link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hawaii-senate-majority. Participants can send in questions and comments during the event through the Ustream chat feature, by emailing Senator Espero at senespero@Capitol.hawaii.gov, or by calling into his office at 808-586-6360.

Back to School Jam Plan Responds to Community Concerns

HONOLULU — Motorists in the Lunalilo off-ramp area will experience modified morning driving conditions when they hit the road on Monday, August 15th. That’s because the State Department of Transportation (DOT) has changed the closure hours for the H-1 Freeway Lunalilo On-Ramp. The on-ramp will be reopened one hour earlier on weekdays at 8:30 a.m., instead of its current re-opening time at 9:30 a.m. The modified on-ramp closure hours will be from 6 to 8:30 a.m. on weekdays, excluding state holidays.

The DOT made the announcement of the modified schedule during its launch of the Annual “Beat the School Jam” Campaign on August 10.

Sen. Carol Fukunaga (District 11, Makiki/Punchbowl, Ala Moana, McCully) and Rep. Karl Rhoads (District 28, Palama, Downtown, Chinatown, Sheridan) have worked to restore access to the Lunalilo On-ramp since the morning closure began. Based on data from a City study, “Administrative Draft, Kakaako Areawide Traffic Study,” it appears that the largest amount of rush-hour traffic is between 6:30-7:30 a.m.

“I commend the Department of Transportation in taking Makiki/Punchbowl residents’ concerns into consideration,” said Sen. Carol Fukunaga. “This will help reduce the level of congestion on adjoining City streets for area motorists.”

“Rep. Karl Rhoads noted, “The 9:30 a.m. re-opening time has been burdensome for area residents, with new construction affecting traffic on Beretania, Piikoi and other surface streets. The adjusted time will help reinstate H-1 Freeway access in time to avoid lane closures on nearby City streets.”

The DOT’s closure of the H-1 Freeway Lunalilo On-Ramp from 6 to 9:30 a.m. began in 2005. The morning closure is aimed at improving the flow of traffic on H-1 Freeway for downtown commuters, but it has increased traffic congestion in neighborhoods near Royal, Kaahumanu, St. Clements, Roosevelt, Punahou, and Maryknoll schools.

Governor Signs Bill Relating to Broadband

Governor Neil Abercrombie this afternoon signed House Bill 1342.  The bill, now Act 151, expedites the permitting process for broadband infrastructure.  With this measure, broadband providers are exempt from state and county permitting requirements for installation, construction

and development of broadband infrastructure for a 5-year period.   Reducing the time needed for permitting approvals is a key step towards increased investment in broadband technology and services in Hawaii.

“Speeding up the deployment of high-speed broadband throughout the state will enable new opportunities for telehealth, and give Hawaii’s digital businesses an edge in competing for new work,” said Senator Carol Fukunaga, chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Development and Technology.

The law goes into effect on July 1, 2011.

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