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In an effort to keep legislators, state employees and the public healthy and flu-free, the Senate and House teamed up to host a clinic at the State Capitol where the flu, Hepatitis A, and mumps vaccines were available for those covered by insurance.

HMSA and Kaiser Permanente were on site to administer the vaccines. A few brave legislators were among those who lined up to get their shots.

The clinic coincides with the statewide “SpreadAlohaNotFlu campaign, which was launched earlier this month by the Healthcare Association of Hawai‘i (HAH) to help prevent the flu from spreading and save lives, while helping to alleviate unnecessary emergency room visits. Hawai‘i lags the peak flu season on the mainland by a few weeks and there is concern that the local hospital emergency rooms will be swamped by flu patients. In an informal survey of Hawai‘i hospitals by HAH, the hospital ERs saw 30% to 100% more flu patients this January compared to last January.

Today’s shot clinic was sponsored by Senators Donna Mercado Kim and Rosalyn Baker and Representatives John Mizuno and Della Au Bellati.

What should people do to avoid getting the flu?

  • Be vaccinated

  • Wash hands frequently (and avoid touching the eyes or mouth)

  • Avoid being around others who have the flu, if possible

  • If you do get the flu:

  • Contact your primary care provider or nurse practitioner as soon as you exhibit symptoms.

  • If that person is not available in person, see if you can access an urgent care clinic, or consult medical providers via phone, telemedicine, or other online means.

  • Stay home from work and stay away from other people as much as possible, so you don’t make others sick.

  • Consider wearing a mask to prevent making others around you sick, especially close family members.

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