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The Hawai‘i State Senate announces the addition of new members to committees.

Please find below the most current list of committee assignments and leadership positions.

Senate Leadership

President: Ronald D. Kouchi

Vice President: Michelle N. Kidani

Majority Leader: J. Kalani English

Majority Caucus Leader: Dru Mamo Kanuha

Majority Policy Leader Les Ihara, Jr.

Majority Floor Leader: Kaiali'i Kahele

Majority Whip: Lorraine R. Inouye

Assistant Majority Whip: Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran

Assistant Majority Whip: Brian T. Taniguchi

Assistant Majority Whip: Clarence K. Nishihara

Minority Leader / Floor Leader: Kurt Fevella

Agriculture and Environment (AEN)

Chair: Gabbard, Mike

Vice Chair: Ruderman, Russell E.


Rhoads, Karl

Thielen, Laura H.

Fevella, Kurt

Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health (CPH)

Chair: Baker, Rosalyn H.

Vice Chair: Chang, Stanley


Keohokalole, Jarrett Nishihara, Clarence K. Ruderman, Russell E.

Thielen, Laura H.

Fevella, Kurt

Energy, Economic Development, and Tourism (EET)

Chair: Wakai, Glenn

Vice Chair: Taniguchi, Brian T.


Inouye, Lorraine R.

Keohokalole, Jarrett Fevella, Kurt

Education (EDU)

Chair: Kidani, Michelle N.

Vice Chair: Kim, Donna Mercado


Dela Cruz, Donovan M. Kanuha, Dru Mamo Fevella, Kurt

Government Operations (GVO)

Chair: Thielen, Laura H.

Vice Chair: Inouye, Lorraine R.


Baker, Rosalyn H. Kanuha, Dru Mamo Fevella, Kurt

Hawaiian Affairs (HWN)

Chair: Shimabukuro, Maile S.

Vice Chair: Kahele, Kaiali'i


Ihara, Jr., Les Keohokalole, Jarrett Fevella, Kurt

Higher Education (HRE)

Chair: Kim, Donna Mercado

Vice Chair: Kidani, Michelle N.


Kahele, Kaiali'i Keith-Agaran, Gilbert S. C. Fevella, Kurt

Housing (HOU)

Chair: Chang, Stanley

Vice Chair: Kanuha, Dru Mamo


Harimoto, Breene Moriwaki, Sharon Y. Fevella, Kurt

Human Services (HMS)

Chair: Ruderman, Russell E.

Vice Chair: Rhoads, Karl


Ihara, Jr., Les Riviere, Gil Fevella, Kurt

Labor, Culture and the Arts (LCA)

Chair: Taniguchi, Brian

Vice Chair: Ihara, Jr., Les


Chang, Stanley Gabbard, Mike Fevella, Kurt

Judiciary (JDC)

Chair: Rhoads, Karl

Vice Chair: Wakai, Glenn


Gabbard, Mike Kim, Donna Mercado Fevella, Kurt

Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs (PSM)

Chair: Nishihara, Clarence

Vice Chair: Wakai, Glenn


Baker, Rosalyn H. Thielen, Laura H. Fevella, Kurt

Technology (TEC)

Chair: Keohokalole, Jarrett

Vice Chair: English, J. Kalani


Moriwaki, Sharon Y. Wakai, Glenn Fevella, Kurt

Transportation (TRS)

Chair: Inouye, Lorraine R.

Vice Chair: Harimoto, Breene

Members: English, J. Kalani Shimabukuro, Maile S. L. Fevella, Kurt

Water and Land (WTL)

Chair: Kahele, Kaiali'i

Vice Chair: Keith-Agaran, Gilbert


Nishihara, Clarence K.

Riviere, Gil

Fevella, Kurt

Ways and Means (WAM)

Chair: Dela Cruz, Donovan M.

Vice Chair: Keith-Agaran, Gilbert


English, J. Kalani Harimoto, Breene Inouye, Lorraine R. Kahele, Kaiali’i Kanuha, Dru Mamo Kidani, Michelle N.

Moriwaki, Sharon Y. Riviere, Gil Shimabukuro, Maile S. L. Taniguchi, Brian T. Fevella, Kurt

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