With the close of the 30th State Legislative Session, the following are election related bills that have been enacted into law.

ACT 022 – HB31 Relating to Election Nomination Papers: Amends the information provided by voters when signing a candidate’s nomination paper. The last 4-digits of a voter’s Social Security Number and their year of birth are no longer required.

ACT 135 — SB216 Relating to Elections: Requires a mandatory recount of election votes and ballot measures when the margin of victory for election contests or tabulation for ballot measures is equal to or less than one hundred or one-quarter of one per cent of the votes cast, whichever is greater.

ACT 136 — HB1248 Relating to Elections: Enacts voting by mail uniformly across all counties for all elections commencing in 2020.

ACT 137 — HB168 Relating to the Electronic Transmission of Ballots: Authorizes a voter with special needs, including a disability, to request that a ballot be forwarded by electronic transmission when mail ballot packets are made available.

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