C&C Honolulu: The Draft Right-of-Way Widths for Planned Streets is available for the public’s review

Conceptual rendering: Right-of-Way uses

The City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services (DTS), in coordination with the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) and with funding from the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (Oahu MPO), is reviewing and updating its Right-of-Way Widths for Planned Streets. This update includes Rights-of-Way maps that reflect current conditions, land use and multimodal plans, as well as street type assignments to define priorities and guide implementation of future improvements in alignment with Honolulu’s Complete Streets ordinance.

Complete Streets principles encourage appropriate street designs based on intended use and that promote multimodal solutions to balance the needs of all roadway users.

The City’s Complete Streets Design Manual identifies eight different street types, including: Boulevard/Parkway, Avenue, Main Street, Street, Mall, Rural Road, Lane/Alley, and Scenic Byway.

Within the updated Right-of-Way maps, a new street type – Major Street – is introduced to represent low speed neighborhood streets where pedestrian movement is a priority.

DTS is requesting input on the preliminary street type assignments shown on the draft Right-of-Way maps presented here: ROW Update Storymap

Comments are accepted on the website or can be submitted via email to completestreets@honolulu.gov by September 30, 2021.

To learn more about Right-of-Way Widths, please watch this short video here.

If you require special assistance, auxiliary aid and/or service to review and provide your input on the Right-of-Way Widths for Planned Streets, please contact Meredith Soniat

at 808-768-6682 or email at meredith.soniat@honolulu.gov by September 16, 2021.