Governor Ige’s latest emergency proclamation - October 1, 2021

Governor Ige’s latest emergency proclamation extends driver’s license expirations, clarifies who pays for employee COVID testing

Gov. David Ige issued the latest Emergency Proclamation Related to the State’s COVID-19 DELTA Response, keeping in place the Safe Travels program and statewide mask mandates.

There are also no changes to the EP provision which allows for the extension of expirations for driver’s licenses and instructional permits that expired during the emergency period.

This proclamation also:

  • Clarifies that employers are not required to pay for COVID-19 testing of employees who choose to undergo regular COVID-19 testing in place of vaccinations.

  • Restores civil service recruitment requirements which were previously suspended in alignment with federal law. The suspension served to ensure that the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (DLIR) had adequate personnel resources to respond to the unemployment crisis caused by COVID-19.

  • Allows state Boards and Commissions to continue meeting virtually, using interactive conference technology, reflecting the intent of the Legislature in Act 220 (2021). This EP adds that Board and Commissions will provide testifiers the same option to testify audio visually.

Gathering restrictions are implemented by individual counties.

To review the Emergency Proclamation Related to the state’s COVID-19 Delta Response, click here. For PHOTOS click here For VIDEO click here