Hawai'i passenger arrivals by air report for June 20, 2020

Yesterday, 1,534 people arrived in Hawaii. During this same time last year approximately 35,000 passengers arrived in Hawaii daily, including residents and visitors. The state’s mandatory 14-day self-quarantine started on March 26th for all passengers arriving in Hawaii from out of state.

This table shows the number of people who arrived by air from out of state yesterday and does not include interisland travel. This data was collected from the Hawaii Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Mandatory Travel Declaration Form.

COVID-19: Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine for all Arriving Passengers



Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine For All Passengers Arriving From

Out-of-State Through July 31

All individuals, both residents and visitors, arriving from out-of-state to Hawaii through July 31, 2020 are still subject to a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine. The mandate applies to all arrivals at state airports, including private and commercial aircrafts.

All arriving passengers are required to initial and sign this order confirming they are aware of the 14-day quarantine and acknowledging they understand violating the order is a criminal offense, and subject to up to a $5,000 fine and/or a year imprisonment.

The period of self-quarantine begins from the time of entry into the State and lasts 14 days or the duration of the person’s time in Hawaii, whichever is shorter. Click here for the order and here for the ninth supplementary proclamation.

The 14-day mandatory self-quarantine for interisland travel was lifted on June 16. This does not apply to individuals arriving from out-of-state. All passengers should arrive to the airport early to allow extra time for the new procedures in place.

The state Department of Transportation (HDOT) requires thermal screening at the airport for everyone traveling interisland.

Travelers are also be required fill out a new interisland travel and health form prior to boarding an interisland flight. The Department of Health (DOH) is directing travelers to a new website, where you can download the form and fill it out no more than 24 hours in advance.

All of the details about new procedures related to interisland travel can be found at: https://health.hawaii.gov/travel/. Frequently asked questions are available here Travelers may be prohibited from boarding a flight if they have an elevated temperature above 100.4 degrees, they refuse to complete the mandatory form, or they are on the 14-day quarantine list prohibiting them from flying.


According to the ninth supplemental proclamation, all hosts of any guest(s) subject to the mandatary 14-day self-quarantine are responsible for ensuring that their guest(s) abides by the self-quarantine rules. Any host violates this rule if the host intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly fails to notify law enforcement immediately when a guest or guests subject to the self-quarantine fails to enter or remain within the confines of their designated quarantine location.

Please be sure to check the latest guidelines for short term rentals, transient vacation rentals and homestay operations in place, by county (City and County of Honolulu, Maui County, Kauai County, Hawaii County).

Operations that provide vehicles may not rent or provide car sharing services to any person who is subject to a 14-day self-quarantine order unless an exemption is granted.

There are four exceptions to the general rule that all travelers must self-quarantine:

  • Individuals arriving in the State on recreational boats that have been at sea for at least 14 days do not have to self-quarantine if no one on the boat is ill or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms;

  • Individuals traveling to the State to perform critical infrastructure functions as described in the proclamation will be subject to self-quarantine but may break quarantine to perform their critical functions;

  • Individuals traveling interisland for medical care do not have to self-quarantine as long as they wear appropriate protective gear and practice social distancing; and

  • Hawaii residents who have left the State to perform critical infrastructure work do not need to self-quarantine upon returning but must wear appropriate protective gear and practice social distancing.

If you have questions regarding exemptions, contact CovidExemption@hawaii.gov.

If you are under self-quarantine and need to contact the call center, please call the following:

  • Visitor or intended resident: 808-468-9952

  • Hawaii resident: 808-377-4760

For general travel-related questions, please contact the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau Call Center at 1-800-GO-HAWAII (1-800-464-2924).


You must stay in your visitor lodging/home to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 to other people. This means:

  • Do not use shared facilities such as pools, spas, gyms, restaurants, or bars

  • You may not rent a car, whether through a rental car company, online service or through a peer-to-peer platform or car-sharing service

  • Ask someone to drop off food and other necessities at your front door or order room service

  • Do not go to public places such as the beach, work, school, shopping centers, childcare, or local attractions

  • Do not let visitors in—only people who usually live with you should be in your home


For violations, call local law enforcement on their non-emergency lines: