Health officials announce update on recent household cluster on Kaua‘i

Kaua‘i District health officials have identified no new positive cases after testing a large number of contacts of Kaua‘i COVID-19 cases over the weekend.

Tests were administered Saturday and Sunday to several dozen individuals who were contacts of eight positive cases identified earlier in the week. The test results were returned late Monday and were all negative.

The eight active cases remain in isolation. The individuals who were tested are all close contacts of positive cases. These contacts remain in quarantine and continue to be monitored – because illness can develop at any time during the 14-day incubation period. Trained contact tracing teams are continuing their inquiry into the origins and the extent of the new outbreak. There is no indication that these cases are travel related.

Kaua‘i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman said that a few additional contacts have been identified and tested, and those test results will be available in the next few days.

“As we continue monitoring contacts who are in quarantine, and identifying additional contacts, we will continue testing and possibly re-testing in order to identify anyone else who may become ill,” Berreman said.

The island’s cumulative case count stands at 29.

“While these tests results are encouraging, we cannot let our guard down,” said Mayor Derek Kawakami. “We continue to manage this outbreak carefully. Once again, it reminds us of our need to take recommended measures to protect our friends and fellow residents.”

Some of these recommendations are to:

• Wear a cloth mask whenever away from home and near individuals not part of your immediate household.

• When interacting with people from outside your household, maintain a distance of 6 feet of separation.

• Stay at home as much as possible.

• Do not leave home if you are sick unless you are seeking medical attention.

• Wash hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, and avoid touching your face with

unwashed hands.

For local updates, visit the Kaua‘i Emergency Management Agency page,

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