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Mayor Kim Issues Third Supplemental Emergency Proclamation

Mayor Harry Kim issued the Third Supplementary Emergency Proclamation on Wednesday, April 1, suspending the ban on single-use plastic bags, extending deadlines related to commercial haulers, and clarifying that the April 9, 2020 deadline for filing Real Property appeals is unchanged.

The County’s Third Supplementary Emergency Proclamation temporarily suspends Hawai‘i County Code Chapter 14, Article 20, Plastic Bag Reduction. The reason for the temporary suspension of the ban on single-use plastic bags is to discourage the introduction of germs or the virus into stores that could be present on personal reusable bags. Local stores will continue to use paper bags as a priority while their supplies last; plastic bags may be used for greater volume or wetter items.

The Third Supplementary Emergency Proclamation also waives several deadlines as they relate to commercial haulers. The proclamation waives the permit expiration deadlines for a commercial haulers’ permit, the deadline for submission of a residential credit claim, and the requirement for interest billing. The deadline for an owner whose property is accessible to a public sewer to connect to the public sewer is also extended.

The Proclamation clarifies that the Real Property Tax Appeal deadline is not suspended; the April 9, 2020 deadline for Appeals still stands. The Real Property Tax Appeal deadline remains the same so as not to negatively affect the certification of property values and the budgetary process.

The Third Supplemental Emergency Proclamation will continue for 60 days, to May 30, 2020, or until further action by the Mayor’s Office.

Here is the link to the Proclamation, posted on the County of Hawai‘i website, under County of Hawai‘i News:


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