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Governor Ige’s statement about withdrawal of Rona Suzuki’s nomination to lead the Dept. of Taxation

“Today, I reluctantly withdrew my nomination for Rona Suzuki to lead the Dept. of Taxation. I respect the Senate and the role it plays in confirming nominees, and it’s unfortunate that we don’t agree on Rona’s appointment. During her tenure, the Dept. of Taxation experienced marked improvements in both operations and staff morale. While there, she successfully led the effort to modernize the tax collection system, which will benefit the state for many years to come.

“She has also been the state’s point person for managing the complex process related to receiving and expending federal CARES Act funding. These programs are helping many thousands of Hawaiʻi residents during this time of financial hardship.

“I extend my appreciation to Rona for her years of dedicated service to the people of Hawaiʻi. She truly made a lasting difference and exemplified what a public servant should be. We will miss her talented leadership in the department.”

-- David Y. Ige

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