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Legislature outlines concerns on distance learning,plans for reopening schools,lack of spending plan

Legislature outlines concerns about distance learning, plans for reopening schools, and lack of spending plan

at Department of Education

The Hawai‘i State Legislature sent a letter to the Board of Education today stating that they are “extremely concerned” about distance learning and plans for reopening schools.

The letter outlines low participation rates for distance learning, internet connectivity and device access inequities among students, and the lack of a concise plan for how they will spend the federal CARES Act funding they have received.

The letter is signed by Senate President Ron Kouchi and House Speaker Scott Saiki, Senate Education Committee Chair Michelle Kidani and her House counterpart Representative Justin Woodson, and budget committee chairs Senator Donovan Dela Cruz and Representative Sylvia Luke.

The legislators ask that the Board of Education’s Finance and Infrastructure Committee convene an emergency meeting on July 2nd to vet the Department’s plan for financial implications and resource requirements and provide a report to the Legislature, before they will consider allocating any additional funding.

The letter in PDF is attached and seen below.

2020-0624 Joint Letter to BOE re Reopeni
Download • 814KB


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