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Notice of Informational Briefing: Hawai'i Energy (January 14, 2020)


COMMITTEE ON ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Rep. Nicole E. Lowen, Chair Rep. Tina Wildberger, Vice Chair Rep. Sharon E. Har Rep. Ryan I. Yamane Rep. David A. Tarnas Rep. Cynthia Thielen Rep. Chris Todd

COMMITTEE ON ENERGY, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, AND TOURISM Senator Glenn Wakai, Chair Senator Brian T. Taniguchi, Vice Chair Sen. Lorraine R. Inouye Sen. Kurt Fevella Sen. Jarrett Keohokalole

NOTICE OF INFORMATIONAL BRIEFING DATE: Tuesday, January 14, 2020 TIME: 10:00 AM PLACE: Conference Room 325 State Capitol / 415 South Beretania Street


The purpose of this briefing to hear from Hawaii Energy about their programs and progress on energy efficiency measures in the state to achieve the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard of 4,300 GWH by 2030. Hawaii Energy is the program under contract with the PUC to promote and incentivize energy efficiency measures in all counties except for Kauai. They are funded by ratepayers through a fee on electric utility bills – the public benefits fee. Their services include consumer education and technical assistance, administering rebate programs, and working with residents, businesses and state agencies to reduce energy use.

The Hawaii Energy director and staff will update legislators on their programs and services, what progress has been made since the implementation of the public benefits fee to increase efficiency in the state, what the next steps are for energy efficiency, and how efficiency can help Hawaii to meet its clean energy goals. No public testimony will be accepted.

If you require special assistance or auxiliary aids and/or services to participate in the informational briefing (i.e., sign language interpreter or wheelchair accessibility), please contact the Committee Clerk at 808-586-8400 to make a request for arrangements at least 24 hours prior to the briefing.

Prompt requests help to ensure the availability of qualified individuals and appropriate accommodations.

For further information, please call the Committee Clerk at 808-586-8400.

Senator Glenn Wakai - Glennator, Chair Senator Brian Taniguchi, Vice Chair Members: Senator Lorraine Inouye, Jarrett Keohokalole, Senator Kurt Fevella

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